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All Brands Spa Repair

Portable Spa Repair in the Inland Empire

At All Brands Spa Repair, our specialty is custom spa repair solutions. Serving the Greater Inland Empire area, our spa repair professionals perform a thorough evaluation of your spas systems.

We identify the cause of the problem and what is needed to make the proper repairs. Our technicians are trained to provide accurate diagnoses, cost-efficient solutions, and respectful customer service.

We specialize in troubleshooting, so that you don't face unnecessary expenses trying to discover the cause of the problem.

Our troubleshooting experts evaluate the following areas to determine the source of any problems, including:

  • Control problems and error codes
  • Filtering Systems
  • Heat related issues
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Pumps and water flow
  • Switches and Relays
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Control System Repair

Your spa's control system is the brain of your spa. Our technicians can diagnose your system and repair or replace the circuit board, topside controller, air switches, relays or other control related components. We are trained ... Read more
Heater Repair

Our technicians will troubleshoot and diagnose heater problems. Once we understand what is causing the problems, we can repair or replace electric and gas heaters. Our entire staff is fully trained to replace or repair heater elements and related components.
Leak Repair

Our leak detection service specializes in above-ground spas and Jacuzzis. We find out where the leaks are located and repair the leaks in the pump and in the components. Our technicians are qualified to repair any size leak and deal with any issue.

We service all Major Brands Including:
  • Hot Springs Spas®
  • Sundance Jacuzzi®
  • CalSpas®
  • Acura®
  • Catalina®
  • Life Spas®
  • Dimension 1®
  • Caldera®
Contact us today to request our services for your spa, Jacuzzi, or heater.